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i have to leave at 5 AM tomorrow for a freaking soccer tournament. I'll be home sunday.. later..

the end
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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Hard work will pay off. You can make a career change or at least start working toward it. A love interest may develop at work. 3 stars

(jen sent me our horoscope) coincidence.. i got an app to BK n i think Pizza hut called yesterday.. o word..

ugh i fucked up my journal.. i tried chaning things, n just made it worse.. eh i'll live..

oo.. n i'm gonna dye my hair hot fucking orange bizotch!! (ok after august sumthign or other)
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Well.. Yesterday kelly came over, and slept over. It was really weird. I was surprised her parents let her. It was the first time she slept over since like february or sumthing. Today was an ok day. We woke up, and my sister drove her home. I learned how to drive stick on my sisters car. Very first time trying it she has me driving through town. I thought i was going to die. It's actually pretty easy i just gotta get used to it. I was sitting in the house bored, and decided to go outside. I went and kicked the ball around by myself. It really made me feel better. Sometimes i have more fun by myself than with people. I got to talk to stina on the computer today, and jen too. i was happy because i miss them. All of us haven't hung out in a while. =\ it sucks. Stina has a show this friday so me n mish r probably going to go. Thats if i can get some money. I might go to mish's house tonight, thats if my parents let me. Uh i guess thats all..
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"Say goodbye, Kiss my ass, I hope you die"

Ugh. People suck. My sister borrowed my phone a couple of days ago. To make a long story short, she got water on it, and now it's broken. It turns on but only 3 buttons work. GRRR!!! So we were going to get me a new phone today.. turns out a new one will cost somewhere around $189 for the cheapest phone. So my mom doesn't have enough money on her credit card to get me one today, so now i have to wait till thursday cuz thats when my sister gets paid (she has to pay for the new phone since she broke the old one). ARGHH!! THURSDAY is 5 fucking days away! >:[ Some of you are probably like well it's just a cell phone.. BUT U HAVE NO IDEA! I have 3 voice messages i can't even check, n if i could check them then i wouldn't care, but i can't, so i'm pissed. I was cursing a lot, i felt bad cuz mel was there n i don't usually curse infront of my mom. I was so excited to get a new one too.. GRR.. N my ear f-ing hurts.. n my friends f-ing suck.. the only good part of today was i got to talk to kelly.. she's away n will be home monday =\ eh just 2 more days..
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o word..

This is the problem with LJ, we all think we are so close, and we know nothing about each other. I'm going to rectify it. I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about.

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.


my breath smells haha. wow.. a lot of shit.. I freaking rearanged my room, and it's crazy. it's so different it's kinda scary haha i'm just not used to it. I threw a way a ton of shit, and got rid of some furniture. I'm getting rid of more tomorrow, and changeing it around a little more. I have it in my head i just didn't get around to getting it how i wanted yet. So either tomorrow or friday i'll do it since i have soccer tomorrow i probably won't want to do anything productive just mope around my house like a slug dreading soccer, even though it's not that bad haha. Ok well since i'm a big time loser, i took pictures of the process. It was killer..

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Ok well thursday night was hell. I couldn't sleep for shit. I kept waking up cuz my ear was hurting, and my back was cramping from sleeping on my right side. i woke up at like 11, 12, 1, 3, 4, 7, and at 9 i finally got up. I felt like i got no sleep it sucked major ass hole. Last night was a lot better. I finally slept n woke up at like 10:30. I have to baby sit Xavier cuz my sister is going to a wedding.. Uh thats all..

if i one day just happen to die.. make sure they play this song at my funeral

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I know you want it all, and you got me, sorry i, never was everything, that you dreamed

i got an industrial today!!! THis entry will be edited with pictures tomorrow...Well here it is..

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ughh last night it was so hard to sleep. My ear was killing me, i put ice on it n shit but that only helped for a little. I woke up so many times it was such a pain in the ass. It's still bleeding a little, but i'm happy with how it came out.. well thats all i guess..
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Well this weekend i went with kelly n her fam to Lake george. I was a little nervous since her dad hates me n didn't want me going. But i guess it went ok.

Saturday: On the way there me n kelly watched the freaks and geeks dvd set that i bought her for her birthday. Then her dog threw up on her little brother it was gross haha. We had to go to kellys game. Me n beth watched the 1st 1/2 n played uno n i won, then we sat in the car the 2nd. Then when we were at the camper we watched kill bill.. well I WATCHED it haha. They didnt really like it but its all good haha. OH NOT TO MENTION.. kelly was being stupid n put gum on my arm so i was giving it back to her n stupid her droped it n was like i don't know where it is.. n i was like it better not be in my.. N IT WAS A CHUNK OF GREEN GUM STUCK IN MY HAIR!!! haha idiot.. beth had to cut it out n kelly thought it was so funny she cried. Then she kept apologizing. Then we sat outside around the fire. It was a clear sky. It was nice. Then we went in and watched Idol hands.. again they didn't like it haha. Then we put on freaks and geeks again, n then went to sleep.

Sunday: We woke up, ate, then went to the mall so they could buy a grill. I got the juliana theory "Love" cd =D =D and GOB "foot in mouth disease" cd. Then we came back played cards, rode on the quads, and played jackpot. Then later us n her fam played kick ball. It was me kelly n her mom vs. her little brother, her dad, n her grandpa. We won. Then we left. On the way home the dog pooped in the car n her little brothers knee went in it. I felt bad since he did get throw up on him on the way up haha. Me n kelly watched big fish, n then freaks n geeks. Kelly was being a smart ass n i told her i was going to spit on her head n as a joke she opened her mouth. n i was like i would do it, n she was like no u wouldn't. N i was like i bet u $5 n we shook on it. N then i wasn't going to do it, but then she was like now u owe me $5 n so i was like open ur mouth n i spit in it hahaha she was so grossed she licked my shirt haha. It was mean but hey she had it coming. haha ok well i'm home now n sum douche bag in my house stole $20 from my room.. ass holes. Ugh i guess thats it..
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