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"i feel like we're all one big cell"

Hm friday me mish n katie went to see the stepford wives at the discount theater.. holy shit i was histerical through the movie because it was so ghetto u could see the microphone at the top of the screen. It was histerical, then we went to katies. We went n got ice cream, n then we hung out with sean n his friends (corey, manzo, frank, joe, piggy, billy, anthony, and other kids). Corey totally ate all of mish's ice cream, everyone was pissed at piggy, manzo was handsy, frank was cool, n i really wanted billy to streak n he said he would but then he didn't. Then me sean mish n katie went swimming at katies n i got JAD really bad(jennifer aniston disease-when ur nipples get hard n show really bad ahha). Then the next day me mish robyn megan jen (mish sister) n beth went to lang class for ren fair n then went to mish's n slept over. I just came home, I have a job at ren fair =D. It starts saturday, but i dunno if i can go saturday since i have a family party, but i'm going to see if i can get out of it. I might also have a 2nd job.. o crazy.. I really don't care if my summer is all work, because at least i'll have money, and it's not like i'm doing anything anyways. I think i'm going to play soccer this year. I don't see my friends so its not like soccer would be taking away from my social life, ha. we have a good team n it's actuallty fun this year. So it's all good. Um i guess thats all i don't feel much like writing n i have to shower. So later..

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