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u crazzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyy fooool

stolen from jenny..

Enter one or more numbers in a comment.
0 = I don't know you
1 = I like you
2 = I love you
3 = You're witty
4 = You annoy me
5 = I don't really care for your personality
6 = I want to eff you
7 = You're sexy like a fox
8 = I'm stalking you
9 = I want to get to know you
10 = I hope you die.
11 = Let's makeout

Sorry to the people who have been leaving me comments that i haven't answered back.. My posted comment r 111 while the comments i recieved is 55.. SO POST MORE COMMENTS JERK OFFS!!! haha..

oo n ang i added u so not to worry =)

ok well um 2 days ago? kelly slept over, when we woke up we watched the ashlee simpson show cuz i know kelly loves her singing.. hahaha. Then her mom came n picked her up, n then at like 9 sumthing mish calls n askes if i want to sleep over so i slept over there. We watched bad(er) santa, n we both fell asleep during it. Then in the morning her dad drove us to Dunkin doughnuts n we ate bagles with hot chocolate. Then he picked us up n we went the mall n walked around n then went out to dinner. then i asked if mish could sleep over so i went picked up mish n we drove to kellys n talked for 10 minutes n cody was there too. Then we drove home, n attempted to play power hour but then we stoped keeping track of time haha. Then in the morning she left cuz her sister was coming up. Now i'm sitting here with nothing to do. It's all good. my mom is making me clean..

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