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You still don't know what your missing..

This journal is now under construction.. no updates till i fix it..

*because i am an idiot and erased all my overrides and now have to start my layout over from scratch*

and yes, this journal is still friends only..
comment to be added =)

ok all finished! it's not the best but its better than what i've been dealing with the past 2 days ;)

still friends only.. comment to be added, and those on my friends get ready for a friends cut in the near future

<3 Sarah
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(no subject)

Well well well.. after a 2 minute debate.. this journal is now..

u know the drill...

if your on my friends list.. just sign in to read..

*edit* Add my to your friends list, i'll check my page once every so often to see if anyone added me, if i don't recognize the name i'll probably comment on your page or check here. THANKS!
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watching jerry springer

stolen from maddi n katie...

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ok i gotta get ready for practice.. later!
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(no subject)

awww i've been awake for 2 hours and already 2 people told me they missed me.. n surprisingly they were both boys, less surprising they were my ex-bfs ha..

I feel confused today. Like i'm supposed to be doing something, but i just can't think of what it is i'm supposed to be doing. Really i guess it's just cuz i have senior pictures tomorrow, physical on thursday, n i have to go shoping for ren fair sometime before saturday. It's probably just a little stress. i guess after the weekend everything will be ok again.
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"i feel like we're all one big cell"

Hm friday me mish n katie went to see the stepford wives at the discount theater.. holy shit i was histerical through the movie because it was so ghetto u could see the microphone at the top of the screen. It was histerical, then we went to katies. We went n got ice cream, n then we hung out with sean n his friends (corey, manzo, frank, joe, piggy, billy, anthony, and other kids). Corey totally ate all of mish's ice cream, everyone was pissed at piggy, manzo was handsy, frank was cool, n i really wanted billy to streak n he said he would but then he didn't. Then me sean mish n katie went swimming at katies n i got JAD really bad(jennifer aniston disease-when ur nipples get hard n show really bad ahha). Then the next day me mish robyn megan jen (mish sister) n beth went to lang class for ren fair n then went to mish's n slept over. I just came home, I have a job at ren fair =D. It starts saturday, but i dunno if i can go saturday since i have a family party, but i'm going to see if i can get out of it. I might also have a 2nd job.. o crazy.. I really don't care if my summer is all work, because at least i'll have money, and it's not like i'm doing anything anyways. I think i'm going to play soccer this year. I don't see my friends so its not like soccer would be taking away from my social life, ha. we have a good team n it's actuallty fun this year. So it's all good. Um i guess thats all i don't feel much like writing n i have to shower. So later..
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wanna see sumthing gross??


</font>hmm ok so what i've come to realize with my ear, is it's sumthing they like to call hypertrophic scarring.

Hypergranulation or a granuloma can ocur during the proliferation phase of healing. During the proliferation phase, granulation tissue fills the wound and new capillaries form, giving the tissue its red color and granular texture. The wound begins to contract and the granulation tissue is soon covered with a layer of epithelial tissue (new skin cells). A granuloma is an excess of granular cell growth. A granuloma is a red or dark pink growth which forms a raw-looking layered bump that appears to erupt from the entrance(s).

ehh so i gotta get sum shit for it, n i'm going to give it 2 weeks the most, n if it's not all good, i'm going to the doctor!

Treatments include topical scar ointments such as Mederma, cortisone injections, and surgical removal.

yeahhh lets just cut the sucker off!!!!
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u crazzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyy fooool

stolen from jenny..

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Sorry to the people who have been leaving me comments that i haven't answered back.. My posted comment r 111 while the comments i recieved is 55.. SO POST MORE COMMENTS JERK OFFS!!! haha..

oo n ang i added u so not to worry =)

ok well um 2 days ago? kelly slept over, when we woke up we watched the ashlee simpson show cuz i know kelly loves her singing.. hahaha. Then her mom came n picked her up, n then at like 9 sumthing mish calls n askes if i want to sleep over so i slept over there. We watched bad(er) santa, n we both fell asleep during it. Then in the morning her dad drove us to Dunkin doughnuts n we ate bagles with hot chocolate. Then he picked us up n we went the mall n walked around n then went out to dinner. then i asked if mish could sleep over so i went picked up mish n we drove to kellys n talked for 10 minutes n cody was there too. Then we drove home, n attempted to play power hour but then we stoped keeping track of time haha. Then in the morning she left cuz her sister was coming up. Now i'm sitting here with nothing to do. It's all good. my mom is making me clean..
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